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John Sim to return as the Master in Doctor Who

The BBC have announced John Sim will be reprising his role as The Master in the new series Doctor Who.

This surprising news was also accompanied by the revelation that Michelle Gomez, who plays the current incarnation of The Master (known as Missy), will also be appearing alongside her predecessor.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 22.10.56

John Sim first appeared as The Master opposite David Tennant in 2007 (the Russel T. Davies era) and reprised his role in the 2009/10 New Year’s Special.

The forthcoming series, which will also be featuring a new companion played by Pearl Mackie and will be Peter Capaldi’s last series as the Doctor, will air this April on BBC One.

Marvel apologise for comic containing ‘bigoted’ views

Marvel have apologised to fans after anti-Semitic and anti-Christian material was spotted in a recent comic.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 22.11.02

The artwork within X-Men Gold #1 featured references to ongoing Indonesian protests against the Christian governor of Jakarta.

Indonesian artist Ardian Syaf was responsible for inserting the references. The most prominent was a t-shirt worn by the mutant Colossus, which featured QS 5:51, a reference to Qur’an Surah 5:51.

In a statement Marvel said the references were inserted without their knowledge behind their meanings.

They also said the artwork would be removed from subsequent printings, digital versions, and trade paperbacks, and reported that disciplinary action is being taken.

Carrie Fisher will appear in Star Wars: Episode IX

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 22.10.39

Carrie Fisher’s brother and daughter have given Disney permission to use the recent footage of Fisher in Star Wars: Episode IX.

The late actress, who played Princess Leia, died at the age of 60 in December 2016.

Filming for the currently untitled Episode IX is set to begin this July.

Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow will direct the film, due to be released in cinemas on 23 May 2019.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child casts a spell over the Olivier awards

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child won a record breaking nine awards at the prestigious Olivier awards.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 22.10.45

The west end show was named best new play, and its director, John Tiffany, won best director.

Jamie Parker, who played the now adult Harry Potter, was named best actor, and Noma Dumezweni, who plays the grown up Hermione Granger, was named best supporting actress.

Anthony Boye won best supporting actor for his portrayal of Scorpius Malfoy, son of Draco Malfoy.

The play also won other awards for lighting, sound, costume, and set design.

The Cursed Child stole the record for the most decorated show in the ceremony’s history from Matilda and The Curious Incident of the Dog in Night-Time, which had both won seven.

Disney files patent for ‘humanoid robots’

Disney is filing a patent application for a “soft body robot or physical interaction with humans”.

The Disney research team are exploring the manufacturing of robots that can safely interact with young people.

The robots would have their limbs programmed by a nearby controller, who would operate the robot.

The design of the robot is similar to that of Baymax, the soft bodied health care robot featured in the Disney and Pixar film, Big Hero 6.

A Series of Unfortunate Events renewed for a third series by Netflix

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 22.10.31

Before the second series has even been aired, Netflix has already renewed A Series of Unfortunate Event for a third series.

The show has been adapted from Lemony Snicket’s (AKA Daniel Handler’s) popular children’s book series of the same name.

The show follows the three Baudelaire orphans and the unfortunate events that happen to them, often at the hands of the evil Count Olaf, who will stop at nothing to obtain the fortune left to the Baudelaire’s by their parents.

The first series is currently available to watch on Netflix.

San-Diego Comic Con badges sell out in lightning speed

Tickets for the world’s first and biggest Comic-Con have once sold out in just a few hours after becoming available to the general public.

Some of the guests already announced to be appearing include one of MAD magazine’s longest running cartoonists, Sergio Aragones, and New York Times bestselling comic book writer Marguerite Bennett.

The full line-up and schedule will be available two weeks before the event itself.

New Adventure Time miniseries to be released

Cartoon Network’s animated Adventure Time has confirmed the release of a new miniseries.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 22.10.25

The eight-part series will be called Adventure Time: Elements, and will air this April.

Elements is the third Adventure Time miniseries to date, following Stakes and Islands, which was watched by nearly four million people earlier this year.

“Quidditch” has been added to the Oxford dictionary

The word Quidditch from J.K Rowling’s bestselling Harry Potter series has been added to the Oxford dictionary.

The once made up word was created to name the mythical game the students of Hogwarts School for witchcraft and Wizardry enjoyed playing.

The official definition of the word is now as follows:

Noun – A team sport played while straddling broomsticks, in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through any of the three hoops fixed at either end of the pitch.

“she’s a multisport athlete who fell in love with quidditch”

[as modifier] “the university quidditch team plays in multiple tournaments each semester”


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