Meet the Team

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Lewis is our resident games expert. What he doesn’t know about games isn’t worth knowing! He’s also a member of the Game of Thrones and Star Wars fandoms.



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Hannah is our editor and is a huge Harry Potter fan.







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Krishna is a huge fan of superheroes. She watches the newest superhero movies when they come out in the cinemas. Furthermore, she is also part of the supernatural, teen wolf, riverdale and 13 reasons why fandom


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Becky is part of the Orange is the New Black fandom and is a fan of Naruto and One Piece.




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Laura is a part of the Harry Potter, Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones fandoms, and will always argue the books are better than the TV shows. She lives for when her shows come back on air and will always accidentally start a new show before she finishes the previous one.

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This is Jasmin, a huge Harry Potter fan and lover of a good book.