Jason Fan Theories

1. Betty Cooper

  •  The Betty/Polly role play was disturbing. Betty slipped and called Chuck ‘Jason’, while she was channelling her sister.
  •  What if she killed her sister’s ex-boyfriend, while in this fugue state?

2. Betty and Polly’s Parents

  •  Within the first 5 minutes of the 1st episode, it was made explicit that Alice Cooper resented Jason. Surely, the hatred would act as a catalyst to kill Jason Blossom?
  •  It was uncovered that there was a family feud during the 1800s, that Jason’s great grandfather betrayed Betty’s great grandfather. It seemed that ? was still hung up on the ancient feud – could that be enough reason to kill the Blossom family? Talk about holding grudges.

3. Cheryl Blossom

  •  She loves Jason a little too much, this show gives off incestuous vibes.
  • There seems to be an unhealthy obsession with Jason, literally makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable watching it.
  • If Cheryl can’t have Jason, no one can.
  • Were the two siblings’ part of a cult? Could Jason’s murder have been an initiation gone wrong? Why did Cheryl ask Jason if he was scared?

4. Polly Cooper

  •  For the majority of the show, Polly has been held at a religious home.
  • Betty’s parents made her believe that Polly has been suffering from mental illness.
  •  She seems to be hung up on the fact that she and Jason were going to run away together and start a new life as a family. It was clear in the episode where Betty and Jughead visit Polly.
  • Could Polly somehow be involved in this murder?

5. Clifford and Penelope Blossom

  • I mean, they aren’t the nicest parents going in Riverdale.
  • They threatened to ship Cheryl away to boarding school – in Europe.
  • Who knows that they could’ve been the same with Jason, probably didn’t like that he was having a relationship with Polly/ and how close he is with Cheryl.

6. Archie

  • Let’s be honest, Jason and Archie both look-a-like. They are redheads.
  • What if the gunshot was meant for Archie?
  • Or perhaps Archie was jealous of Jason’s popularity – he was Captain of the football team, had ‘music’ lessons with Ms. Grundy – maybe he wanted that life for himself.